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Buckle awarded for 2001

The Missouri Points Challenge Tour rewards Missouri shooters who participate actively by traveling to a number of shoots at clubs throughout the state. Each club designates two of its events as a "points shoot" and all who attend are awarded points as shown in the scale below [not counting the State & Banquet shoots]. The top 10 shooters, based on number of points, receive a silver belt buckle at the following year's banquet shoot. The event is open to Missouri residents only.

Important information for clubs and rules for the Points Program are available here in PDF format.
Use the spreadsheet to report points downloadable/usable in Excel format or PDF for manual fill-in

Points to be awarded at designated events

    Event entry:
  • 15 - for each gauge entered (including doubles) A 5-gun shooter who wins nothing gets 75 points).

    Event placing (in addition to entry points):
  • 20 - for each gun championship won.
  • 18 - for each runner-up to champion won.
  • 17 - for each gun 3rd place won.
  • 15 - for each class championship won.
    HOA placing (in addition to event points):
  • 20 - for each HOA championship won.
  • 18 - for each runner-up to HOA champion won.
  • 17 - for each HOA 3rd place won.
  • 15 - for each HOA class championship won.
Note: Points are doubled at the MSSA Banquet Shoot and MSSA State Championships.

Points shoots are indicated on the Schedule page.

2018 Point Standings as of Gateway Open
For previous years, see Points Shoot Archives

2018 Standings a/o 7/30
Kevin Hess 1,147
Mark Presnell 959
Jeff Nichols 907
Roger Spann 742
John Napoli 740
William McCaulley 696
John Brummett692
Rob Gyngard665
Dean Rapp 618
Terry Pollard 590

Close On Their Heels

Mason McCaulley 551
Rob Armstrong 537
Dick Ferguson 528
Carter Finnell 510
Michael Devero 488
Michael McCaulley 485
Michael Schriever 447
Arvel Mendenhall 442
Donald Beard 408

2018 YTD Points Standings

2017 TOP TEN

Mark Presnell 1221
Kevin Hess1150
Josh Beard919
David Carr 810
Albert Tindall 800
Don Beard754
Bill McCaulley 709
Rob Gyngard698
Dean Rapp 683
Terry Grzina682

2017 Final Points Standings

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