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    Sorry for the inconvenience but until further notice the MSSA will not be accepting payments via Paypal. Please mail any payments to:

    Missouri State Skeet Association
    c/o Nancy Rodney
    4605 Lindell Boulevard, Apt. 1603
    St Louis, MO 63108

Individual Member Dues

Print our the Membership Form, complete it, & mail to address above

$10 Annual Member Dues:

$100 Lifetime Member Dues:

Club Reports

$50 Annual Club Dues: Club Dues Form to submit with dues.

Club Shoot Report

MSSA Target Fee, $4.00 per 100 Targets:
Fractions not permitted. Example: 8,875 targets is entered as 89.

Point Shoot Target Fee, currently no fee ($0 per 100 Targets):

$10 Annual Member Dues, whether paid in advance or at a shoot:

Email or mail Nancy Rodney, the following membership info, when dues are paid:

NSSA Number, Name, Street Address, City, State Zip, Home Phone, Work Phone, Date of Birth, Email Address, Dues type (Annual, Life, or Complimentary)
You may also send in the Dues Form via USPS or email attachment

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